coffee and pillow accident

Date: 6/7/2016

By Doodoo

I dreamt i was with my lover david on a couch. We were sitting on it and he was holding a cup of coffee. We were smiling at each other and kissed. Then he put a finger in the coffee and moved it into my mouth for me to suck on, to which i said "mm creamy" he removed it and nodded in approval. I started massaging his chest sexually and moved to get on top of him but then the dream shifted. I was in my own couch at home and he was gone. There was some sort of party because there was a lot of people in my house. The couch was dirty so i took some chemical and sprayed it on the couch to rub it with a rag. The couch was clean now but to my horror the pillow got horribly stained. I pretended like i didnt notice and waited for my mom to notice it. I couldnt turn the pillow over either because i was afraid i would draw attention to it. After a while of talking she noticed it and screamed my name. I jumped and went to her. She yelled at me for staining the pillow and i held back tears as i went upstairs to be on my phone. I noticed my brothers wife was watching me cry so i got up to get to my brothers room for some reason. I noticed that my toenails were very long and i had some in my mouth. I was spitting them out one by one but they were endless. I saw my stepsister on my brothers bed and asked if she was going to need something. She said no, she was just hiding from all the people downstairs. I spat out the last nail and then the dream ended.