Weird School, Trump, and Chasing my Cat

Date: 2/27/2017

By LionFoot65

I was playing soccer with some friends which included some really hot girls. One of them was actually Blake Lively but in my dream she wasn't a celebrity, instead she was just another girl at my school and I think I fell in love with her in my dream lol. After that, I went back to school where Donald Trump was my guitar teacher! I remember him criticizing and humiliating other people for not playing correctly but he seemed to ignore me the whole time. I was about to ask him if he could play guitar because I had a feeling he couldn't. There was one student who played a really beautiful piece that was inspired by the stars on a clear night sky. Then, the dream shifted so that I was on a boat with two or three people which I forgot and we were looking at how different the captain had better showers than the other crew members. I remember saying to one of the people there: "Its a good thing I didn't make Trump angry by exposing him cause then he might have caused me a lot of trouble since he's a billionaire. I'm gonna be nice to him first then expose him later lol." After that I went to this place my brother and my dad called San Pedro's where I saw my friend Ernesto who was working as a lifeguard although I never saw a pool there. I remember my cat got away for some reason and we had to get him. IRL, my cat is ginger with white but in my dream he was black and white and we were trying to get him down from this tree near a balcony. Once we chased him down, he grew twice as big and grabbed a glass weed pipe and started using it as a flame thrower at me lol. I didn't feel like I was getting burned so I concluded that I was a fire-bender but woke up before I could use my powers..