Battle With Angels

Date: 2/24/2017

By AcaciaC58

Before I went to sleep I asked to be guided. I told them I was open and ready to listen to what my guiders and guardians and ancestors have been trying to tell me. I struggled to get into a deep meditation but not as much as I usually do when I got distracted by cars and the computer whirring I told myself to keep focused and stay on the right wave. But eventually I started to doze into a sleep but instead of falling asleep, it were as if my consciousness were pulled by the collar to the attention to one being. I saw dark images as of it were nowhere near clear but I was starting to finally see visions. They were of a raining fire in the lower level of my view and an eye in the middle only for a moment. The the figure of a face and then a silhouette. They I heard a message.... I can't remember exactly what it was. I knew I should have written it down but I wanted to be sure she was done before I started to write but she carried me into the dream. It was an aggressive frustrated message but not threatening to harm me. Just as if they were on the phone with me in bad signal and finally they were at the shaking me trying to get me to hear and I happened to just catch that part. I'm pretty sure she told me her name but I don't remember that either. As I said before I could wake and write down what she said, she carried me into the dream. I remember about 60% of the Dream I was staying at a hotel with my husband in a big city that wasn't Seattle. I may have been on a trip with some other friends too. Before we left we were hanging out with friend who felt kind of like Meika but there were three confident women of black descent. All three we're beautiful and lighter skinned. I could feel tension as if they were planning to attack, but I stayed cordial. When we left we went to a clinic for my own health concern. I don't remember what it was but in real life I have a colonoscopy today and that's probably where the setting comes from. There was a fun dark skinned black man at the front desk to check me and other patients in. He was great except he thought I didn't have Medicare and I forgot I did (from a previous dream) so I went to register for my coverage when I remembered that I already have it so I went back to the desk to let them know and he looks me up in the Medicare system and a white man who is also checking in with the rep next to the man that checking me in and was accompanied by his dark haired tan girlfriend looks over and then back toward himself and his girl and mutters a racial remark. I don't remember what he said but I know I heard him and understood what he meant and I got angry. I look over at the now chuckling couple and say "excuse me? Would you like to say that again?" He chuckles a bit harder but only slightly tries to straighten up and take me seriously. They obviously think this is a joke. So I say "I'd like to know what's funny. Why don't you say it again, this time to my face because obviously this joke is about me. If you have something to say, be real and say it to my face with your white trash ass lookin like you crawled out a pop tart box with no cream topping" I go off and get in his face and he starts to back up and try to walk away and I just follow him "you and ya girl look like the reject casting call to jersey shore so I don't see how I could be any more funny than yo ass. You racist bigoted bastard" I continue going off and begin to punch him in the face. By then people start trying to pull me apart from him. At this time I'm wondering where my husband is and why he's not supporting me here. After they separate us I go back to the front desk where the man who was helping me is no longer thee and my husband is further than he was earlier. I don't remember who he was talking to but he was talking to someone over there. On the screen behind the front desk was my eligibility info for Medicare and I was covered but I decided I was just gonna go back to the hotel and sleep it off, so we did. When we wake we wake to the three ladies attacking us with mystified household objects! Pots pans things that could be thrown and used as Frisbees and boomerangs. They now had wings and could fly and I got on the defensive at first running up multiple yellow standalone stairs and hiding in crevices briefly to catch their weapons to throw back at them. It was a tough battle! Thankfully they went against both my husband and I so I wasn't alone. We evaded defeat but we didn't defeat them and we decided to go out again and now I don't understand for what but there was no altercation with anyone we didn't know There was a second battle with the women in the hotel room and then my alarm woke me