This jumps all around.

Date: 6/28/2019

By obviouslyominous

There was so much detail in this dream that i have forgotten most of it but as a general background i can tell you this: There were 4 adults (could have been some form of gods) all had forms of powers but i dont remember much of that. They decided to have children, 2 sons 2 daughters, all a mix from each couple. Meaning no one knew whos was whos, if you catch my drift. This all started out in harmony and was decided that we would be one large family with two dads and two moms all raised together. Somewhere along the line natures of personalities split the family up and caused a war (powers remember?). This split the family down the middle based on the children’s personality traits in light and dark fashions. The lights went one way and darks went another, constantly at odds on how we should deal with humans. Thats the general setting and background right? Well fast forward to a time when the earth is at peace and the children are grown. This is what i remember: I am in an open aired masseuse parlor having my hands and arms massaged. Im relaxing with my eyes closed but i start realizing the masseuse has taken a particular interest in the palms of my hands. I really try to ignore her but she keeps whispering to another masseuse about me. I finally open my eyes to see who she is speaking with and this person is so absolutely familiar to me, its starts to make me uneasy. I feel a certain darkness from her as she continues to scan me. I finally decide to put it out of my head though because i am here to relax and it all does feel damn good just for it to be my hands and arms. Im about to start a long week of work so i decide i would like the rest of me rubbed out as well, unfortunately for me, my masseuse pushes me straight to the female that casts darkness straight from her smiling eyes. She walks to me and says, “ May i see your hands?” I show her, she looks but doesnt betray anything. Then she asks, “May i see your neck?” I lean my head over and ill be damned if she didnt take a massive breath. Im weirded out of course, but she still doesnt betray anything. She then brought me over to her table and i laid down. Now all the while i was asking myself what am i doing, shes so weird, i also couldnt deny i felt a kindredness with her. Like i said, an absolute familiarity that i couldnt place. She began the massage and about 15 minutes in i notice everyone has left except us. She says, “Hello sister, i cant believe its finally you.” I know where the familiarity is from now and at this point i am panicking. I havent seen my half siblings in centuries. There is a reason for that. What did she mean by finally? i didn’t speak and i hardly breathed as i lay there at her mercy. “ Oh stop being so timid, we both know what your capable of. Either way though, I’m not hear to hurt you. As a matter of fact, Father is dying to speak with you.” She is whispering in my ear at this point, though i dont know why since were alone. I thought we were at least. I replied the only thing i knew to say, “He is not my father. I am the daughter of light.” “ And how would you know? You know they conceived us with the intent of not knowing whos is whos.” Still feeling my heart in my ears, i could only stand my ground. “You are very obviously dark Sister, being the only other female means i am the Light. He is not my father.” I had avoided this for so long and now it was going to come unravelled. The truth is, i always felt this darkness in me, always trying to consume me. I know the things i am capable of, the wars proved that. Ive always felt more like my Fathers weapon than his daughter but i made the decision to fight that part of me no matter what. Now it seems its not that much a secret. “How can you say that when weve all witnessed your part in the wars?” “Shut up.” “ Uh oh, dont let it out Sister.” “ I am a daughter of Light. Leave me alone.” “No. You are not.” That voice. The child inside me relished it. My mind replaying all the memories of my Fathers. My Father of Light and my Father of Dark, i loved them both so much. My heart lurched at the same time it froze. He finally revealed himself. “ I am, it was decided when our family split in two.” “You are my daughter as much as you are His. We all made our family together.” “But—“ “No. Come home to me daughter i miss you. I miss you too Dad. “No, you have my sister. I am a daughter of Light. Go find my brothers and harass them.” He shook his head in despair, “ I cant, theyve killed each other off. I only have my daughters now. Come home with me, where you belong. Where you dont have to pretend. That blackness you feel is from me, i can help you.” This is all i can remember.