The Storm

Date: 2/18/2017

By noirQuipster

We had a gigantic storm, both snow and rain, and all the "kids" were told to stay inside. Once the storm subsided, some of the kids were picked to go help the adults outside and fix some things. I wasn't picked. I know it must've only taken a few days, but when the other kids came back, they looked like they were adults. I was still happy to see my friends. I was finally able to go outside again, so I decided to take advantage of that. While I was outside, I ran into Aaron and Christian, and we decided that we would trek to the Natick mall through the snow. Christian was annoyed because his phone felt like ice because it was so cold. Along the way I found two boxes that were supposed to be delivered to Sephora, but they were left behind. I picked them up and decided to keep them for my own. I wanted to get to the mall fast because I was cold, but Aaron had gotten separated from me and Christian along the way. Christian told me not to worry. He started running ahead, and I couldn't keep up. He kept farting in and out of people, and when we made it to the mall, he didn't stop. As I was running up the stairs, trying to catch up with him, I saw Aaron on my right side out of the corner of my eye. Christian finally stopped at the food court and waited. I opened one of the forgotten Sephora packages I had. It was an Anastasia Beverly Hills natural glow kit, which basically meant it was a bunch of highlighters for different parts of your face to give you a natural glow. I was kind of disappointed because I wanted something else, but at the same time, it was brand new, so I was happy.