The House

Date: 4/22/2017

By nany2277

Two men who were friends. Two men who had loved. Two men who had families. Two men who fell into darkness. This is the story of two men who might have not had it all before the world's eyes, but for me they did. They had happiness. More than that, they had a great friendship. But at the time I didn't know this. I didn't know they were friends, all I knew was their houses hated each other and I didn't know the reason why. It was a cold night and I, with some friends, went to the apartment of one of these men, not being sure which one, but knowing something was wrong. Maybe it was because we knew we were not there for the party that was going on but for something else, we were there to free those who where taken. We were there to find out the truth. Going up in the elevator we didn't exchange a word, the air was too tense for that, all we did was to walk into the apartment. There at the door was a lady sitting with a dog and a cat next to her and whose semblance was grey and lifeless. It was as if she was possessed and her true self was dragged away from her body. Yet this didn't scare me. I asked her where to go and, without a word, she guided us through a hall with no color or light. All I remember after that was that they had separated us, they had taken away the guys from us girls and left us with two ladies—who might have been around their 40's—who were lifeless as the first woman who came to us. Here, at his exact same moment, is when I understand that they indeed had been possessed, possessed by demons who wanted to suck the life out of us, as they did to the women; yet I was not scared. The women, or the demons (however you feel like calling them), put us into a kind of proof to test us. 'Test what?' you might ask, and to this day I, myself, do not know. What followed might have been one of two reasons: the first reason is that we agreed on being proved or, second reason, we did not, infuriating the demons, because the ambience changed and the demons inside the women revealed their true self. Even in my lack of knowledge on the matter, I believe it was because of the second reason due to the fact that the demons chased us. I cannot forget their faces: their eyes were white with a yellowish tint and their teeth were yellow and as sharp as Shark teeth, their nails were long and their facial expressions were meant to scare us; yet I was not scared. On the contrary, I was desinterested. That was not my battle, I knew that, But I didn't know what my battle was. So I walked through the colorless halls until I saw light at the end of one of them. I went to that room, which was the master room, and I realized it was already day because the sunlight passed through the windows. Here is where I realized that I was in the house of one of the two men—do you remember them? Well I did, and I remembered they were my friends, they were dear to my heart. I walked across the room and I went to the bathroom which I used. And after that I saw another toilet and a ball of hair in the floor. My instincts made me grab the ball of hair and throw it inside the toilet and then flush it. As expected, the toilet clogged and water started to flow out of it making a big mess. The same instinct that told me to do that made me to freak out, so I ran to the living room where Charles, one of the men, was sitting along with other people staring at nothing. His countenance... O so pale, so possessed. It was not my dear Charles but a demon. He had the same expression as the lady who I first saw with my friends, he was as lifeless as a corpse. I went out of the room into the dark house. When I came downstairs he saw me while, worried, I told him "you have to come with me, your room is a mess, the toilet!" He did not care but he followed me, I could see the demon inside of him while we walked together to the room, but he did not attacked me, he just followed. The moment he got into the room full of light it was like if nothing had ever happened. It was my Charles, the one I loved, there was no demon, it was him. He looked around the room and into the bathroom and there was nothing, there was no water on the floor; above all, there was not a second toilet. This I did not care, I just was astonished with the fact that it was him. So I told him to please wait in the room while I ran downstairs to the leaving room where the other man was as lifeless as Charles used to be. "Charles is in his room" I said, and it was like if I had told him the worst news of all because his face filled with hatred and anger and the demon came out running to the room, screaming like a maniac, ready to kill. He outran me to the point I lost track of him but when I got to the room I saw them together, laughing and hugging each other like the best friends they once were. It was like if nothing had happened and I couldn't believe it. My friends who appeared behind me saw this and euphoric I told them "open all the windows now!" And so they did, the house was getting full of light and the demons were leaving, the people was full of life again as if nothing had ever happened. Me and my friends were so happy that our minds were not able to process what our eyes were seeing. Did you also see it? It was the light, it was not me or my friends fighting—it was the light. I walk through the now colorful and lighten halls seeing all the people laughing, sharing, talking; simply being happy. It was the light that changed them, I could have not done anything for my dear friends I just needed to open the curtains for them to be free. “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”” ‭‭John‬ ‭8:12‬ ‭NIV‬‬