planes come crashing down

Date: 4/28/2017

By KingZzZ

I was hanging out with someone. we were in see field. it was like a school sports field. it was big and expanse. suddenly a plane whooshes over and sounds so close we both look up. I say it looked like it was gonna fall. and then it's wings turn like it's making a turn but it flips upside down and starts to fall. it's heading back toward us and I guess we're deciding whether or not it's gonna crash and then whether or not it has plenty of space to crash in front of us or not. it crashes and we just kinda flinch. it drags on for a bit but still ends up far from us. we pull out our phones but suddenly. there's another plane. and the same thing happens. we feel a strong gush of wind and realize that it's the wind forcing them down. it's strong down below so imagine higher up. the planes are thrown around like they're made of paper. the second one comes crashing down too and we're I'm awe. again we pull out our phones as the dust settles but then two more planes appear and again one after the other they plummet. finally we get the chance to pull out our phones but realize we cant take a picture because our phones are all staticy. then we hear like a crowd behind us and realize there's been people gathering slowly. there's this group of frat Bros cheering Everytime a plane does a flip I'm the air like it's a game.