Rowan in my dream

Date: 2/27/2017

By slavica

Last night I remember dreaming about my boyfriend's brother, Rowan. I don't 100% remember what the dream was about, but I'm pretty sure the 'house' we was in has appeared in previous dreams of mine. I remember him sitting on a bed in a back room of this 'house', I don't remember much else. Not sure why we were there and what we were doing. There was only me and him in this dream. Weird cos we haven't seen or hung out with Row in quite a while. UPDATE: it just dawned on me that it could have been Dylan from Bates Motel instead of Rowan..... but they seem so alike in style and aesthetic that I'm not sure which one of them it was. Now that I think about it I feel like it could have been Dylan Massett from BM (played by actor Max Thieriot).