Birds of All Feathers

Date: 8/24/2017

By Sila

I was at a farmhouse that I didn't recognize, but I guess it was mine. I knew a storm was brewing so I was trying to prepare for it. The wind was picking up and I was struggling to close the barn doors, I couldn't get them to close all the way. As I was fighting with them I noticed that flocks of birds started to fly past. But then I realized it wasn't just one species, it was many different species all mixed together. I figured this can't be good.... they're all trying to get away from the storm. As the wind continued to pick up, the leaves started blowing around. But lots of leaves. Too many leaves. And then I realized it was because of the birds! As they were passing through they were snipping the leaves off. Each one sniping a few, then moving on. A steady flow of them. It took me a second to realize why they were doing this... why all these different species were doing the exact same thing. It only took me a moment to understand... They knew to strip the leaves to lessen the wind damage. They were vacating the area, but they were trying to make sure they had something to come back to. This is going to be some epic storm.... I quickly rushed to finish securing the door and run into the house for cover. I awoke before the brunt of the storm hit though...