Fucked up Murderous Rape Dream

Date: 4/5/2017

By Rowdy85

The takes place in a hospital...not sure if it's old or contemporary. It's dark in there. There has been an accident or attack or terrorist event or war or something. The hospital is inundated with people in various stages of trauma. There are people with their heads caved in partially, blood and guts... I watch a couple people be amputated, arms, legs, fingers. The hospital is overflowing and there are people in hallways and people are left to die. Occasionally the nurses will group together and hide out in the room to avoid the chaos . They huddle around an old book that is hand-written and shares true stories that are really messed up. One nurse starts sharing the story and reads aloud to the group. The tale of a group of messed up individuals. The group of men used to kidnap a man and a woman. The man was an average man pretty much randomly selected, but the woman was hand picked. They would force a two to have sex with the woman on top. They all looked on. At some point, they would slit the man's throat. They encouraged and forced the woman to continue having sex with him no matter how upset she was . He would bleed out and die underneath her. The goal of this was for the man, now dead, to finish or ejaculate into the woman postmortem. The group of men got off this way and had a special name for this woman. It was something like "death mother," or "death womb" or something macabre. They would eventually kill her and seek another couple.