Leader sets ticks on us and makes us sell T-Shirts

Date: 8/23/2017

By KariRagnor

I was in a group of about 15 people who were all in the same house area and we were all waiting for our leader/caretaker to get home. When he returned he placed ticks on certain people and said he wanted to know who they would react. He also said that the ticks would imprint on those he put them near and not attack anyone else. He told me and another girl to put away the groceries that we had brought. While putting away the groceries the ticks got aggressive and began to follow me like the a mix of spiders and the chickens from half life. I was wearing full sleeves and pants so they couldn't directly attack me but they bit me multiple times before I was able to kill them all. The man got angry at us for killing his ticks and told us to go sell a bag of 12 super soft blue plaid flannels for 13.99 and sent us out. We walked along a canal side road that was really busy with people and food stands and tried to sell the flannels each time not being able to. The girl who was with me finally convinced a group of men to buy them on the condition that we monogram their initials/names onto the shirts they were currently wearing. We agreed and took their shirts through this factory like sub-basement until we reached this steam run 3D printing room when in the room we had to print metal letters which we then shot thread through to make the letters. After this I woke up and fell back asleep and returned to the entry of the factory sub-basement and had a scrambled panicked run though without a purpose.