Meeting the Clintons

Date: 4/26/2017

By ksaspo

I had a dream that I was at my elementary school in my mothers old office. She was at a desk and there were chairs all along the wall across from her. I had heard that Bill Clinton was going to visit so I decided to go by and see what was happening. When I got to her office, my grandmother was sitting in one of the chairs. I sat down next to her and it was all hush hush that someone excess coming. My elementary school principal came by. He had blue hair and was like "no one talk about the secret person meeting us here" except I knew. My cousin came in chasing two kids wearing navy blue jerseys. She had said that she had just come from doing a skit with them. I didn't question it. I just told her about the Clintons coming. When they finally arrived, a large line of old women in pant suits walked in and sat in all the chairs. I couldn't tell which was Hillary but I was like "I should really say hi or something." But then suddenly there was someone on the table (who looked like Adam Driver) and a man (who was supposedly Bill Clinton) came charging in. All the lights went off and he was all black and sparkling like he was covered in diamonds. He had some sort of sword and attacked the man on the table. I left the office. Outside in the hallways everything was very creepy. A lot like the "upside down" in Stranger Things. I found "Adam Driver" in a bath and he had three feet and he was "healing" and was going to seek revenge.