Mansion /sleep paralysis

Date: 8/13/2017

By vomeo

So this was my first lucid dream and I kinda happened a bunch of times meaning I woke up and went lucid again It started of with me walking on a path towards a mansion at this stage I new I was lucid I had control over the entire house I could make the window close I could fly I could do anything so then I brought my friends into my dream I told them I could do anything because it was a dream they didn't believe me so I want to open the currents but it didn't work so I look at a girl that was sitting at a control panel and asked her what was wrong why did it not work she said cause I don't won't it to work and so I made her change her mind and then I had my powers back I also wanted to know what sleep paralysis felt like (weird I know) I read that if you are lucid you can tell yourself to wake up in sleep paralysis I did tho of course and man did I freak out I was in my side and I was stuck and at this point I went through all my technics for sleep paralysis to stop wiggling your toes and fingers flexing your stomach muscles and blinking I then got free and was upset because it actually was really cool I just wasn't used to that feeling