weird lady in my house

Date: 1/25/2017

By tenshi

ok so i had a dream that my mom my grandma and i decided to go on a vacation and live in a vacation house for a little bit. it was a weird house because it was carved into the side of a mountain or something and the middle of the house was a whole that was gated like the rails of a bridge and if you looked over the rails it was like the inside of a waterfall. anyway we would hear weird noises in the house and we thought it was haunted so we decided to look around the house and when we opened one of the double door closets we found that there was another set of double doors in the closet. when we opened those, we were led into another small room with another set of doors. this room was identical to the last except it was well-lit through windows. there was again another set of doors but this one had a lock on it that looked like a heart necklace locket. we unlocked it and went inside and in there was a bedroom and the bed had someone under the covers. we got scared and didn't know whether we should call the police. but under it was a plus-sized woman who was just crying because her husband left her because of her size. she just laid there weeping and told us she wouldn't bother us and to let her live in her room like that so we were like ok. and then later that night we were watching tv and she appears out of nowhere except she's half naked and she's performing a strange satanic ritual and we flee from the house into the waterfall hole thing