Speaking with the Buddha

Date: 5/31/2017

By Sizm0

This adventure started with me walking along with George W Bush. We were on our way to some movie set. I was telling him how much I disagreed with his views. He was pretty chill in this dream though as he was cracking jokes with me. I finally arrive at the movie set and ask someone where I was supposed to go. I am pointed in the right direction and leave the former president behind. When I get to where I'm supposed to be. I am given a script for a song I'm supposed to sing with a group of people. At this pm point I performed a reality check and realized I was dreaming by doing the nose reality check. I decided to go along with this current experience to see what happens. I was singing this highly vulgar song while dancing around like a silly person. I decided to stop the charade and to speak with the Buddha. My environment started to change. Everything became darker and people started to vanish as I was throwing them aside telepathically. Eventually I ended up in some sanctuary with very peaceful music playing. A small child approached and handed me an offering to give to the Buddha shrine. This shrine of the Buddha was golden and massive. I sat the offering down infront of the statue and it started to speak to me. The Buddha started to explain different levels of conciousness to me from lower animals all the way to human beings. I woke up as he was still giving lessons to me.