My Night on the Town

Date: 5/2/2017

By JoshuaMorgan2002

I was walking down a road, endlessly walking, trying not to fall. I am reaching for a light, the light is home and everything I desire. Then I fall and I can't get up, I try to get up, to call for help but I'm frozen and there is nothing I can do but is fall. With a thud my body lands and I'm back on that road but instead of seeing a light I feel a overwhelming sense of despair and everything goes dark. Finally there's a light and it came to me. Two humanoid specters of light lift me up and I cry and I can't stop for I realize it's over. The lights take me home and my family is shocked for they had not even realized I had been gone. When I realize this I felt alone and didn't know what to do and where to go until I realize that we live to have people remember us when we are gone. I go through a hallway of fog until I get to the point of no return until I come to a cliff, I know once I jump I'll be back in a monotone life where we are ants. I jump readily for I shall be someone who they remember in this world and the next. I will Not be forgotten,