Mirror mirror on the walls?

Date: 5/22/2017

By DreamScape34

So let's start off on that in wake on the floor, not knowing who I am or where I am. So I look around and there's just darkness and white around me. For example if you look at a wall there is white in the middle but as you start to look in other places it begins to darken. That's all around me, floor, ceiling, front/back wall, and left/wall. As I begin to pull myself together, I feel a disturbance in the air, and I remember hearing a voice saying something in another language but I was able to understand it, it said "white wall, mirror wall, all the same, until you try to break through, nothing seen and nothing heard, but only until you walk through." Very confusing, isn't it. So as I begin to look around and try to realize, what the hell there talking about "white wall, mirror wall." I try to walk but stumble and fall, but the walls don't look like there getting closer. So here's where it gets trippy. So instead I touch the floor and to my amazement I can feel it and I can touch it but I can't tell how far it is under me. But as I push on it, it bends and distorts, and my hand goes through. It's not cold, nor windy or hot, but nothing. It was like putting your hand through jello, but there was nothing their. So as I decide if I want to descend into madness, the voice comes again and say "you decide your fate, push your fate and bring what is mine." So I'm just like, well if I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die gracefully. So I decide to put help my body through and guess what, same room, but I try to pull my body out, but get sucked in, in the process. So as I lye there in a heap of stupidity, I'm amazed to see a mirror, but it's no mirror I've ever seen. It's basically a cube but when you look at it, it's flare but as you look around it, it's cubed. But also it was floating and the mirror was reflecting other mirrors that were no where to be seen. It looked like a 5D, or 4D image, where there are lines that connect to make multiple of the same image but at different angles. As I come closer, one of the little shapes in the cross of the lines lights up. So I'm like, well shit, I guess I could just touch it. So I touch it and it's a button and it goes black but I hear a poof behind me, and another mirror of the same context pops up with the same black shape. So I touch that black shape, but as I approach the color changes and another shape turns turns red on the same face. The funny thing is the cubes have in each face the same colored shape, and you can spin and move the cubes but you could never tell how many faces the cube had because it was a 3D cube that had either 4 or 5D dimensions on each face. So I ponder wondering, what'll happen next if I touch the next shape that is red? Soon more to come...