Computer virus

Date: 8/8/2017

By pretzeling

I was browsing the Steam page of an online friend. On it, he had a link to some sort of chat client that I could use to talk with him and everyone in his circle. I thought it looked cool so I downloaded it. However, the download was a trap. It contained a virus that turned all of my desktop icons into black and white swastikas, and it also turned all my phone apps into swastikas. I was freaking out, not knowing what else the virus was doing to my PC/phone. Then GarageBand automatically opened on my PC. In it was a series of videos (?) from my online friend, basically just his shoulders and head in frame, chastising me for downloading programs from shady links. The series of videos ended with the virus being removed from my computer (at least partially, enough to restore all my icons). But I still didn't feel safe knowing that it could still be infected in the background, even secretly transmitting video or whatnot.