dystopian society

Date: 2/28/2017

By ivyfox1

Feb 20 dreams #2 (#1 was forgotten) So I was entering school towards the end of the year when I spotted a large crowd inside in the entrance by the main office. However, they was signs up and some tables, there was some event going on. There was a big sign made likely of poster board hanging in one section that read "poke smot". I immediately thought of Joe, who I soon noticed near me. We signed in and I noticed the guy who fucked him over, so I grabbed him by the his Jeans and pulled him away as quickly as possible. As tempting as it was, I didn't look back to avoid seeming suspicious. Once we were a safe distance away we started talking. Then, I went to the class on the schedule I'd been assigned for that day. For some reason, the class was set up in a way similar to that of my middle school from grade 6, with windows you could see into the class with, however, the rest of the school was normal. As joe and I went out separate ways, I noticed from the outside that the class was filled with white girls, and they seemed to be saying that all lives matter. I was immediately creeped out, which only worsened when I entered to find they were all seated in a circle around the class, leaving plenty of space in the center for 2 rows of desks facing each other that were almost empty. Soon, they began to fill with students, all of which happened to be black or mixed with black. I hit up joe and we left because I felt uncomfortable. #3 I was born into a family/adopted in a strange society where we all had powers. I lived quite comfortable, but was extremely disturbed when my adoptive parents had informed me of how the "waste" was handled in the community. They opened the trash chute, and of all the things in there, what struck me most was the dog. Said dog had the number 20 over it, but I wasn't sure what the numbers indicated. Perhaps days until disposal? In which case the dog would likely be killed. So, I decided to run away. I left my home and went into a rougher part of town with a giant bounce house. After sneaking in, inside I found my friend/acquaintance who was really hot, and one of his friends. I hugged him, and he tried to make out with me, but I refused because my breath wasn't fresh enough. He gave me some candy however, and then I was totally down for it, and we made out passionately in the bounce house. Shit was amazing fam. Like he was truly talented with his tongue. After that we hid in a corner because the bounce house was being raided. I sat on his lap in the small area, then after we snuck out. We gathered my friends, and set off for an underground place. Like in the sewers or something but not gross. It was like a whole new world, but we had to get past this female guard. She was black so she felt our struggle and helped us prepare to leave. We all got our special shoes after running around for them in this street that looped in the area, which was completely closed off to society so idek how it existed. Anyway, we run back into the underground sewer/cave type area and I thought of joe. We needed to find him, and he happened to arrive there and find us at the right moment. So, we thanked the guard who helped us escape the dystopian society, and set off to the city of people without powers. Running wasn't really effective so I used flying/levitation to bring us there at like super speed. We ended up dropped into a sort of plastic bag and my power was like top tier, meaning I could use any power. My friend alerted me that we would be dropped into a liquid that would detect powers. Those with powers were NOT allowed here. SO, I used my powers to absorb everyone else's powers and then mask the collective power inside me. We made it through and made a run for it. After that I woke up again and couldn't fall back I asleep lol