Gentle Girl

Date: 2/9/2017

By intend

I was sitting down, out of no were some girl, who i felt i knew but dident recognize was laying down with me on the living room sofa just cuddleing, watching tv, we were surrounded by my family whome just sat their whispering and laghing and judgeing the very sceneric movie, she then whisperd in my ear, various small silly things, i smiled as her whispers tickled my face, after so she asked me, "is it tru, that you like me", i could feel her heart beating thru my chest, she was so soft and warm in my arms. My vision began to blurr, i dident answer back, she proceeded to stare at me whith her dazeing eyes, while we were laying down together, she became closer, and i could feel her thoughts and emotions absorbing into me, interchanging vibrations, and she kissed me, the whole room warped and went slow motion, i began to feel all the connectiveness the geometry inbetween free spaces, time seemed slower as we witnessed eachother awerenes grow from our surroundings to just us, we stoped for a second trying to injest what we were just experianceing and so we began to witness eachothers existence, we began to tune in to the universal station, an endless symphonic song only undurstood visably thru vibrations, the finishing scene ended, with me and her just gazeing into eachothers eyes, with a calm feeling in our chest, with our heart filled with stagma, a rebooted soul.