White Lamborghini and aliens

Date: 6/1/2017

By pheeniealexandra

So I was at Emily's house (a friend of mine) but it wasn't her actual house in real life. I was walking along her neighborhood street and I noticed a guy in a nice car drive into a garage. So I walked over, pulled open his garage door and this niceeee Lamborghini just kinda rolled in front of me. It was sleek and shiny and clean. I pressed this button on the right back side and all the doors opened and I slid in to the back. And the car kinda started moving without me and I got in and started driving around the block and there was this memo out for the car and whoever stole it and I kept having problems driving like I was in the back seat but it was moving and I couldn't get to the pedals and shit. So eventually I returned it exactly where I found it and then the guy who owned the car, his son got accused of stealing it but it was actually me. And then I woke up.