The World Didn't End In Fire Or Ice But In Water

Date: 4/6/2017

By Fitful

I dreamed the world ended in water. There was a great flood, a huge destruction first which destroyed almost everything into pieces too small to recognize, and then the world flooded. Even as the world flooded people didn't pay attention much, right up until all the land was gone. And there were no boats at all on this water plane, they were destroyed. But the smallest of plots of land remained, no larger than a bathroom floor most of the time. As the water slowly took over the world the people on this plot of land which was fast disappearing worked unceasingly to create this hologram of a foot. Each person rapidly trying to add to it mentally, the holographic blocks which made it up. It was a woman's foot, and impossible really. The toes all arched in different directions, as if the artist took liberal interpretation. The bottom, at the end before it too was swallowed into the sea, had something written on it. On this same plot of land a human pretended to be a klingon. He challenged a real klingon, butchered the ancient words which were supposed to be spoken forcefully and with much anger and aggressive spittle as possible, instead he said them as a human would and a timid human at that. It seems he was almost mincing, he cast such a tremulous air. He seems to be apologizing for himself with his entire countenance. In the end, the true klingon was so irritated by his claims, his perceived mockery, that he toyed with him for a very brief whole then trapped him in the ground as the water rose. Later, much later, the elite had a contest. There was a chance to win, money, land, food; all of the above and it required a brutal challenge. It was to move into a designated plot of land, complete some obstacles, mine some gold, and get all of your party out. We brought 5 mountain men to do the mining. And the plot of land was so small, but we all exclaimed because it was the most land we had ever seen. Our plot was less than that of a bedroom floors footage. It was covered in wreckage, nothing large and intact enough to be usable. We set up a water collection system first. I organized a shelf of things. The system to college water involved dipping a white cloths into a small puddle, soaking up the water and then collecting it carefully in people's mouths. The second thing we did was cast a tightrope over the water collection system. Each person was required to walk this tightrope to complete this course test. One of our group kept crying, her personal life was falling apart. We tried to force her to do the test, we all couldn't leave if she didn't. She had to balance cakes on a stack of several things , while walking this tightrope. It was easy to walk if you am had your hands free, it had a top like a rope bridge does, and each 3 feet or so was a bisecting rope. But the trick was to walk this thing balancing a cake and a dozen other things beneath it. She was crying hysterically all the while and the cake tipped dangerously. Below us, far below us, the mountains men dug for gold. There was so much gold piled in the ground, bricks of it just tucked snuggly away. Upon digging we found money insulated inside the bricks of gold. It was so much money, American money, and so much gold. But the rule was to only take a certain amount which you mapped out in your dig. The other men, I was one of these men, the others were very greedy and dug farther. The reason they were supposed to obey the rule was the Spirit of Sacagawea. She protected the gold and money from being plundered too harshly, and she would just drown you if she sensed you took more than your whole share. But the other men kept digging. Above the ground, before I really entered this contest, I noticed a few extra holes in my ears in odd places. They were very tiny, but legitimate holes for earrings. I was so excited because then I could put more of my earrings collection in. Also, I am nearly positive the elite filmed the whole thing for the world's entertainment. Like a movie script, only live. Reality TV.