boat party

Date: 3/4/2017

By stefdrms

I'm dreaming I went on a boat party. My boyfriends friends were there and just a load of people in general. This was more like a cruise I should say. At one end there was a man made hill like structure with grass and trees. On the other end were homes. There's music all through out the boat. Except by the trees but you can still hear it. I remember going to the end where there are homes. Before you get to the houses there's a lower level dance floor. Realy dark and I remember seeing this guy we used to business with. I get to the homes. I see this guy pull up in a white gt4 and think that's a bad ass car. I walk to the edge of the boat and look out. In time this man comes up to me white shirt, short ,'long hair kind of cute. He had two children. He was nice had a way with swooning me off my little feets. I then found out it was the guy with gt4. I realize he's filthy rich and that's he's hitting me. His kids were so wonderful and sweet. I immediately feel uncomrtable start wondering if he had a wife and leave before it escalates into more inappropriateness. I go back to the grassy area and see my boy friend helping two girls roll down the steep hill. I see the second girl he helps he's touching the small of her back and I loose it start talking mad shit. (Lol) his friend some miserble girl who just ended a long term relationship with his best friend and he's with someone way hotter now in real life. Starts saying how she can see why we have problems that it's crazy that I was acting that way and just filling his head with dumb shit. I turn around and say stop discussing me you dumb fucks. I walk away to look for the man with the long hair. We find each other and he takes me into a shop were we talk and get to know each other more . He says he is single a widow with his kids and I don't know why I fall in love with this guy and never want to leave the boat without him. My boyfriend comes lookin for me apologizing and I say no goodbye. I actually was sad when I awoke from the dream I felt like I was letting go of my true love.