Marco Polo

Date: 5/28/2019

By Bito

Had a dream where I was in Marco Polo. The Khan's army was charging at us through a dry canal. There was a bridge that goes over the canal so one soldier decided to blow it up and stop them from advancing. When the bridge tumbled separating us from the mongols, I was standing near the rumbles and remains looking at the mongols from the safe side of the dry canal. I saw Marco then. I looked into his eyes and I got spooked. I turned around to run back to my allies but the ground started running like waves of the ocean. It was still hard ground but it was difficult to maintain balance. Somehow Marco was gaining on me. I ended up reaching a cave. A very unfamiliar cave but I knew it's tunnels and routes somehow. I tried loosing him through the dim litted routes but his shadows looked like they were tracking me. I lost him at some point but then I saw a young-ish female as I stood at a dead end. She was at an edge of a cliff in the cave when she turned around and saw me. I was frozen. To me surprise she walked off to her right and opened a door in the walls. I followed. Inside was a small and narrow studio flat. There was barely any light besides the candles lit and of course no windows. The lady lied down in the middle of the floor with her legs open. It looked.. inviting. So I climbed on top of her kissing and tearing her clothes off. Then I got up for a second to unbutton my shirt when I noticed a bed behind us. Suddenly I felt bad cuz the ground must've been cold. I wanted to pick her up but the door cracked open and I saw a shadow I freaked and thought they were watching. So I woke up Sadly nothing happened