Date: 6/9/2017

By Kristopher

this room is like a strange mashup of other rooms and types of rooms. I am quite high up, but when walking across to the lower part of the room i don't actually move vertically. when i get back the waiter has taken away my salsa. i ask to have it back and he returns it. even though i just grabbed a bag of chips from the pantry, I'm going through all of Kirylo's toys trying to find ones that look tasty enough to eat with salsa. after eating a few and scraping up the last bits of salsa I eventually decide that there is nothing edible left. there's a movie playing on the projector below. a girl is speaking passionately about why it is a great movie. I sit next to her and direct my attention to the screen. in the movie, a narrator says it shows that in this spring, if you save the spring, you will have a kind of info-spring for yourself