Netflix and Chill

Date: 3/12/2017

By LuluRichards

It started at my house watching a film in the living room, my legs across his. Then his phone rang so I got up and got some popcorn. I returned and he was still sitting there on the phone so I put the popcorn aside and sat on his lap, legs straddeling him. His eyes widened with surprise as he continued to talk on the phone, watching me hesitantly. I begin to kiss his jaw, making my way down his neck, watching his jaw clench. I can hear him take a sharp breath as I run my hands under his shirt and unbutton his jeans. Still talking on the phone, he grabs my wrists in his free hand and shot me a dangerous look, his eyes on fire. I start grinding against him, smirking as I feel his erection. He abruptly ends the call and throws his phone to the side, his hands then caress my waist and wander up my shirt. Then he suddenly picks me up and pushes me against my livingroom wall, thrusting into me. I moaned as he bites into my shoulder, picking up the pace until I can't take anymore. Then I woke up.