Date: 7/6/2019

By redteler

I was getting a part time job or something, when all of a sudden all of the power surged. Then, there was a voice coming out of all of the phones, speakers, and anything else that could, saying that (a country I can’t remember) just launched bombs at the USA. I grab a few things (SD Cards, games) before mayhem breaks out. I immediately tried to leave, so I grabbed Ryan’s hand and started to leave the place we were in (the district). I saw a celebrity that I can’t remember, and asked him to give me a ride home but he said the streets were too crowded. There was a horse of people covering all of the streets, frantically trying to run away. I just kept walking and eventually got to a chic-fil-a. There was a lady there, along with another man. The lady blew a hole in the floor, revealing a small bunker. I went in with Ryan, and I discovered that there was food down there. I started to worry about Mom, Azan, and Grammy. Switch to a different scene. Mom and Grammy are talking about Azan, and he is playing outside. Back to me. I go back to our house, and tell mom and Azan to come with me (Grammy isn’t there), and they do. However, once we get to the bunker, Azan is too stubborn to come in. The bombs hit, and I am forced to lock them out. (IRL I would force them in). Me, Ryan and the lady survive in the bunker for a few days, the man disappeared. After a while, the floor opens. It is now me, Ryan, and Jordan. We are now in an even bigger bunker, that looks like a small apartment. There is a Nintendo switch, tv, a few health books, and a ton of food inside. After a while, I ask when we’ll be able to go outside. Jordan says immediately, and that it’s a myth that you can’t go out for a while. I try to look this up, but there is no service (duh). We get a knock on the door, and we open it. It is now me, Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, and Jordan. We open the door to a ghoul like kid that I thought was Azan, but really wasn’t. Then, we get another knock. We let them in. I’m starting to get a bad feeling, so I start to run towards them and Jordan. They begin to fight us, and another kid comes down with a baseball bat. Me, Jordan, and Kevin Hart are all trying to fight these people off, while ice cube is just playing the switch. Me and one of the kids fall onto the couch, and I ask ice cube for help. He says no at first, but I ask him again, and he reluctantly agrees. He gets up, and hits the guy thats on top of me. Another kid comes with the bat to hit me, and I wake up just before he does.