Biking down the garage. Jumping from roof to roof at a kwoloon, flooded, long bamboo sticks

Date: 2/13/2017

By Nedim286

Me and Joel in the garage of Doha, The Pearl apartment complex. We drive down with bikes because we are located higher up. We drift around the corners and stuff at the end suddenly another dude with a city scooter. They get their keys out open the door. We leave then. We drove I see a older man making out with this young girl. She was 14 or so. We got a city scooter now. We go down the stair with it. They go slowly, I jump down. The scooter rotates like a helicopter I can hover to the next spot. Suddenly we are at a balcony, high shitty apartments like a kowloon. We can't find a way to the other spot I think adis or Joel jumps down into the huge lake. He doesn't give a fuck. His phone gets wet. We and the other scared dude try to get around another way. We have to jump from place to place using long bamboo sticks that will go into the water. It's like those Olympic high jump. With the sticks. I try the first one it breaks. A dude on a ramp to the front left looks at me I say it was too weak. Too weak? He asked as he is reinforcing his stick. I take another and make it over to the platform. It was a huge platform ramp that went up. As I land I slide down but I make it onto it. It was built like a raft. Long as sticks and logs next to each other longways.