White poop

Date: 12/4/2019

By Purple

I had a dream that I had to use the bathroom and someone had to use the bathroom as well. She insisted that she had to go first. Fine. We were in some sort of public place, like a staff area. It seemed like we were in the basement of a hotel. I used to work at a hotel, so it seemed not far out of the ordinary in my dream. It was my turn to use the bathroom. I examined my poop. There were about 5-7 different clusters. Most of them were white and one was brown. I never saw white poop before my life! I did not flush. After I washed my hands, I called my friend Val over to inspect. She agreed it was unusual. I don’t recall if she said she saw it before or not. I must have forgotten to lock the door when I called Val over. Suddenly a man came over and opened the door and saw us looking over the toilet bowl. I saw his piece of equipment with his name on it by his belt. I said, “Chamo, please give us a few minutes.“ Chamo gave us a funny look, but backed away and closed the door again. (In real life, I used to work with a Chamo at a hotel.) Suddenly Val had the idea to play a practical joke on people. She wanted to take each piece of poop and place them in a dish as if it were some sort of candy. Other than being extremely gross, I protested. I know these days they can do a DNA test and it would be traced back to me. She still insisted and I still insisted not to. Eventually, she stopped with her suggestion. I never did get an answer as to why my poop was white in my dream.