Miscellaneous with dead mom ....TW....torture

Date: 6/18/2017

By contactsilence

Trying to leave the beach because something was after the kids there and I had to pull them out. We all got in the truck and the body threw itself on top of the car. I told it to go to my window but all of a sudden I'm in the back seat and it's right in front of me and we begin to remove layers of stockings from his head so he turned out to be a she and we didn't know what had happened to her. She was very old and traumatized. We saved her from some sort of captivity, obviously. Kelly and the other lesbian from Grey's Anatomy (I've been binge watching) were chained up in a jail but out on the tier at different levels, I thought for fun, but Kelly started doing some acrobatics so she was able to get to higher level to be with Arazona. Yay they get to be together, but they are traumatized and the guy could come back at any time! It was some torture scenario. I'm at a performance. I'm given a packet where they will announce someone other than my best friend will be awarded the honor that rightfully should have gone to my friend. I see the winner come in jeans and it's all just set up, so I have a mind to change the results. I see that we have quite an audience and a bunch of executives come to watch the performance of one actor. I then have to be very careful as I try to change the results but i drop my big sharpie and someone next to me makes a big deal about it and picks up several pins from the floor and I open the folder to do the change but find it will be too elaborate a detail for me to modify. I'm with A my husband in the car/truck and I have water pouring into my mouth from the roof, and I almost drink it before I realize it's pouring in from the dirty roof. I exclaim omg I almost drank it and of course I spit it out. I tell A that I agree we can start looking for another place as early as next month because it could take us as long as 4 months to find a place. I was relieved that he agreed. Back to the theater performance, the executives were less than impressed. The lady started her motorcycle and it revved so high nobody could hear her lines and I was hoping someone would realize and turn it off. They did. Some old person came down the floor to deliver her/his part which involved singing I was in front of mom and I was singing something so lovely and it pertained to my ruined live and my mom was crying too saying oh S - that's me. I just put my head down out of defeat and sobbed as did she. That was the end of the dream. But she recognized the beautiful music that came from my washed up mouth and knew something great had been ruined and that was excruciating. Back to the beach. We arrived there at dark and I was worried that A my daughter had gone out there alone anyway, which she did. A my husband was at home and his son M had stopped by. That was good, so they could do some music. Suddenly I realized all the kids were with me and I was trying to get them out of the ocean with a stick as there was something out there going to get them. I try to carry food and salud back to the car but I mixed the pizza with the salad dressing and I'm thinking that's ok it will still taste okay. C my daughter is crying because she dropped my little dolls. That's when we got in the car before what was in the water followed. The old woman from above. I remember going to the kitchen in a house I was moving from and it was dark. I wished I could have stayed but I couldn't. I was exacerbated at having to move again.