Date: 3/12/2017

By vlee0596

There are three men. Ian is the only one I remember; the two other men weren't significant in my nightmare. He's on the lifting thingy at Home Depot, hanging supplies on the wall. Another man is controlling the height of the machine. In order to adjust the supplies on the wall, Ian had to hang on the gridded wall with his hands and feet. His feet were directly under the machine. The other man controlling the machine didn't see that his feet were directly under the belt... so he lowered the machine. And off went his feet. And Ian slid down all the way to the floor, screaming. There was a pool of acid on the floor, so the rest of his body went disintegrating. Another man came along with a solution to piece Ian back together. The next thing you know, Ian is walking out of Home Depot, expressionless, but whole.