Celebrity match up

Date: 3/12/2019

By Wandera

I was in this large glass skyscraper, it was a mix of residential and business for the rich. I was working as some sort of Personal assistant for both Will Smith and Michelle Obama. They were dating. My job was to go back and forth, up and down this amazing glass elevator, and set up each of their rooms for this date night they were going to have. I brought in red roses and romantic music ect. As I was on the phone with them trying to coordinate a time they could be together, the building started shaking. There was some type of natural disaster happening and the building was going to collapse. My job was purely to get Will and Michelle out of the building together and safely. However both of them were determined to stay and help everyone else, they weren't even together or on the same floor. I was so distraught, and then I woke up.