Lost soul?

Date: 6/25/2019

By osnapitspolly

I don’t remember driving or parking. But, I went to my old job, and went straight to a room that I thought was an old tenants room. I realized I haven’t spoken to one another tenant or my old boss in a while so I quickly walked into the old co-worker’s room. I found these two or three guys sitting in there. I realized but didn’t realize the room was decorated different. The walls were the same color, texture, and imperfections as my current room. I try to sell the guys on the room like I used to do. Then one girl comes in confused to what I’m doing. I apologize and said I didn’t know they already sold this room. She was about to tell me she had a no show and to get a free facial but her client comes in and I walk out. I go into the garage I always park, but I end up walking outside instead. I walk around a block to find my car, but I can’t and freaking out. I then some girl that’s kind of rough finds me and ask what I’m doing I try to explain and her friends come up to her. They all wanna beat me up. Eventually they all argue as she defends me and tries to explain what I’m doing there. One guy is trying to stab me in the knee with a fork and one girl tries to take my phone. Eventually from trying to tug on my phone and me swatting the fork my phone falls. It looks shattered but it’s only a screen protector. Eventually we walk back to where the old job is and find my car, but some car rammed and parked into it. You could only see the front bumper and windshield. I called my dad on my cracked protected phone, and it’s fine. I don’t remember speaking to him, but he comes to me right away. I go inside the car my sister goest I check and tells my dad to look. He goes out to see what my sister is trying to show him. I wanted to see in case it was fixed. When I open the side door to the van my dad is standing outside the door and a rat with human hair runs out. Things thing I know Faraah Dukhai comes into the car looking at the mess in the car with all of the make up on the floor and assuring me that she’ll fix everything. My sister tries to talk to her but she only responds to me.