Monkey business

Date: 1/24/2017

By SweetPeaMigee

I dreamt that my mother was teaching me about primate cultures. She was running a primate reserve with a few species. Some were bonobos and I forgot what the other species was. She had this experiment where you manipulate the cage so it mixes the two species and they did not get along well, displaying aggressive behaviors and fighting over food. I felt sorry for the animals. Something happened where I was holding a blade of grass between my two hands and my mom wanted to chop it in half, but I was scared she would miss and cut one of my hands. I made her cut it delicately by steadying it on a surface so she could cut it without chopping at me. Later in the dream she starts teaching me human anatomy of the belly button. I remember seeing diagrams of how some are inverted, some are everted, and I don't remember the other. My mom actually was my middle school biology teacher, so all of this isn't too far fetched.