Car accident

Date: 3/18/2017

By jaylawrence

I dream i was riding my old XLT car. We were in a jolly mood inside the car, but as the car passes over the intersection at the old farmac a mound of sand is sprawled on the road, unaware of it my car crashed into the mound hitting it and the car turned turtle. I passed out, When I woke up, I saw three bodies wounded and bloodied lying next to the sand, at first i thought I killed them, but when the medics came they got up and the medic took them. I walked near the incident and suddenly a nearby house owner called me up and showed to me a cctv footage wherein It was taken coincidentally with the crash. I saw myself in the clip, as the car about to hit the sand i was among the people who were ran over, i leaped so high that i was able to avoid the collision (above the right side mirror) i told the owner of the house to please help me settle this with the victims and he nodded but of course i need to pay for their medication. I felt the weight because i have no money use in the event of a settlement. When my boss knew of the incident, he showed unqualified support in me, he never questioned me as if I am a pampered child, BTW my boss in the dream was Pres Duterte, he was known to exalt instead of castigate his erring officials like montano and cam.