Flying above

Date: 5/30/2017

By Laleo

I dreamt I was on exhibition and went to an area which i saw a guide of martial arts teaching. I felt a bit cocky to know kung fu and i bragged and showed them what i do when they tried to hit me. after that i went to an area which had a feeling of familiarity of people from high school. There was a quite spot which I tried and succeed to fly above ground. The people around me were a bit curious but not to much interested. And i were not about to show off but to enjoy the fly as it felt like sky gliding but not to high above ground. It felt like a very releasing experience. I did it from the starting location to the other And went back to the starting area.At some point it felt satasfying that's why i fely like i want to return. The few faces which looked and saw me felt uncomfortable like being critisized .