Date: 6/13/2019

By henryna

I remember us having a huge school trip and everyone in my grade attended it. We were all having fun and were supposed to go on a boat cruise first. So some people went while i think stayed. This one girl ran over another girl and when she found out, she went crazy and stole her eyeballs and cut her up. We then had to investigate her death. Also, at one point I was in the car with taonga and this driver who looked like kanye west. Driving in dreams is always really fun because even though you know where you're going, everything looks and feels better. We went to a supermarket and I went in to say hi to these girls in primary from the East Park Bus. I said hi to Mrs.Kapaso too. I remember seeing mutale wearing detective clothes in the shop because she was pretending to be the sexy detective. She showed me these really good sketches of her investigating. Then I woke up