The Theif I liked

Date: 6/5/2019

By PrincessBuck

I was Lisa Simpson and I was shopping with Homer and Bart and Marge was in the car waiting for us. It was pouring down when we got out and we got our things free. Marge told me to wait for a Uber under the shop because there wasn't enough space because of our shopping bags. She gave me her card after she called them. I was walking to go under the shop when a boy snatched the card from my hand. I chased him to the train station. His dad was a scientist and they were about to leave. He gave me back the card and he said he was sorry. The train started pulling off and I hopped up on the side. I asked him many questions like " Do u think I'm cute, When is ur dad project over, will u forget me, and many more. Before the train got to far from the station I gave him a kiss and something very important to me and told him not to forget about me. Then I was walking home and I saw my mom's new truck moving not Marge but My human mom and my family looking for me. I looked down at myself and I was my human self. Then I wonder who was that boy? I guess I forgotten to ask him for his name. Then I woke up