Travel and Laughing Myself Awake

Date: 4/13/2017

By Cj

Waiting for our plane ride; Allison wanted me to go fishing for her. I got to the end of the dock, which rose out of the water as I walked, before I realized that I don't fish. I decided to photograph them for her instead. I tied the M&M loosely to the end of the line, dropped it in the water, and watched a wide fish eat it. I forgot to take a picture, oops (oh well) An asian man and woman were getting on the plane; they had three or four kids. The husband thought he would only be taking the todler son, but the wife then also handed him the little climbey daughter. His eyes widened, but he accepted it. Something about my capitans. Something about being served something - people serving something. Newspaper, that someone over the counter kept shredding or giving to the covilian on the other side to shred - perhaps to eat. She, the one serving, told the people restocking the counter to "keep it coming, we'll need more where that came from" and she or someone else said something else just as funny. These had me laughing OUT OF MY MIND, and I woke up laughing with my eyes closed. I thought I might wake mt capitans, and eventually silenced myself and went back to sleep.