Blueberries galore

Date: 5/28/2019

By DreamBabyCloud

Was picking berries with my mom, boyfriend and his daughter and her boyfriend. The daughter and boyfriend were in their own little world. I was not mine, enjoying the plucking of each fat, juicy bulb. Mom was concerned because some had come around to take or pick incorrectly. Also, mom had clothes that needed drying and so I did that for her. She wanted my advice on what to wear for her date with John. She had nothing but white pants and multi-colored shirts. I left her to choose for herself as I put her other clothes in the dryer for a second round. Ooooooooh, just remembered a scary one airport there was a shuttle of sorts that on the outside looked like a huge, cylindrical barrel. On the inside were seats, whose seat belts weren’t working or snapping shut correctly. Also, the emergency escape door was taped shut. This particular shuttle traveled quite quick beneath a body of water to arrive passengers to their airport destinations. Once on, I was terrified the thing would burst open and we’d all drown.