with my crush

Date: 2/23/2017

By g_p

(I feel like this dream isn't that crazy but there are some weird details I think might mean something) I'm in a house that seems very familiar to me and I have been to many time but isn't my own house. But yet it also seems different, almost like all furniture was rearranged. I remember being with my friends and a couple guys I know from school in one room and we were laughing. I got up and walked to the next room, which is a bedroom. There is a huge mirror on one of the walls and the guy I've liked for months is standing facing the mirror with his back towards the door where I'm at. But he sees me in the mirror and does a half smile. I walk over to him and notice he's wearing our school uniform and I'm not for some reason. He turns to me. We're holding hands and I turn and look back at the mirror and see a huge scratch on his face. I ask what happened and who did it. But all he says is he's okay and everything's alright. Then he turns back to the mirror and I put my arms around him from behind. But then I end up somehow in front of him and he had his arms around me. Then we're still facing the mirror and I notice he doesn't have a belt on which is weird since he's wearing the school uniform and if boys don't wear belts they get yelled at by a teacher. He lowers his head closer to my face as if he was going to kiss me on the neck or something but the dream ended there.