The falling kingdoms we battle for and the bridges we burn

Date: 4/10/2017

By wanderingSnake

It's hard describe this dream as it was from multiple perspectives and the way I retrieved information for the dreams narrative was through progressing through the dream. Any way I'll try and tell it the best I can I was a princes in a waring kingdom the battles that had happened had taken a great toll on funds and the sturdiness of her walls but it seemed that she had only been working with what her predecessor had left her (a ruin of a kingdom). It soon came to be she would need to marry if the kingdom was ever going to progress and finish the damned war! bunkered down in the ruined kitchen of her castle she devised a plan to marry a local lord or Barron she had fallen in love with, some of her staff advised against seeing he's was not a prince and others were all for it. so the wedding would happen in secret at a later date. We wandered later through the ruined castle, some more seeing to our subjects inviting some of the most trusted ones to attended including a huge burly man (our best friend apparently) to come and make sure noting goes bad. The wedding is set to happen in on of the old ruined towers away from the throne room. Later~ I am switched to the perspective of the prince who is returning home from the war, saber ,milita regalia and all with an army at his heals he enters the throne room to see the ruins that is and what his sister has restored has not been enough! No it will not do! She is not fit to rule such a kingdom she has been lazy and left it rot if he were in charge this all would have been restored by now. He asks a servant where his sister is to find she is being wed in secret! The nerve! Enraged he storms through the castle ready to denounce and dethrone his sister. As he runs through the halls to the site of the wedding a better idea comes to mind, he could just kill her groom to teach her a lesson or even better yet her instead. When we get to the location of the wedding we disguise ourselves as staff and hide among the small audience, it has been so long since we have been home and so much has changed no one recognizes us for who we are anymore. it would be sad for us if we weren't angry at our sister. We sit with dagger in hand and wait for the ceremony to begin. The big burly guy tries to search the crowd and make sure no ones carting weapons but we manage to hide ours from him. We wait. Drawing nearer to our target. We Strike! And miss. Shit. The princess bolts and we chase through a maze of buildings stone and glaciers the further I run the icier the environment becomes our hands burn with rage if we can't do the deed with a blade magic will do just as well. Perspective change~ Our bastard brother had turned up to ruin our wedding luckily intruders like this were planed for the tower sat upon a network of caves and glaciers making it easier to disorient a pressure and with planing one could make sure that her subjects could be placed in spots in the caves to lead them in circles with the noise of the caves. Allowing us to sneak up behind and catch him! Dream ends before I could see the two duel it to the death, im pretty sure the princes had ice magic though so it would have been awesome to see it happen.