Date: 1/25/2017

By vicious_cupcake

I was sitting in a garden, the garden was covered in flowers of every color. Birds were singing and flying around the tree I was under, it was peaceful. I thought I would spend my entire dream, sitting there happy, I was wrong. Before I knew it everything was set on fire, as the fire grew brighter and bigger I had jumped to my feet and started running. I didn't want to be burned, but as I ran I was stopped by someone grabing the back of my shirt. When I looked to see who it was I was scared. The shadow being had grabbed the back of my shirt, even if he didn't have a face I could tell he was smirking. "Where is the fire?~" he pulled me against his chest, as the shadows died down around his true form. He had a body, he looked around 20, with red eyes and jet black hair that was slicked back, he wore a tuxedo. I was shocked at first but when I looked up to his face I blushed, he was hot. I tried to pull away knowing that this was wrong, that I needed to find my guardian. He just pulled me closer "why do you run from me? I can make all your 'dreams' good or evil come true~" smirking at his own words, I saw he had razer sharp teeth. "let go of me!" I shoved him off me and started to run away again. He caught me almost right after and growled "look here princess, I have worked hard just to keep finding you, your not getting away." I sas scared, I didn't know what to do, I tried to speak but my fear wouldn't let me. He pulled over to him " if you wont join me then I'll steal your power." He leaned close to me, "LET ME GO!" my yell seemed to have power to it, as he was sent flying into a tree. All the fire seemed to be instantly put out when I yelled. He looked at me supriced, but soon jumped to his feet to attack me. I didn't know how to use my powers so I wished for my guardian to save me. Next thing I know he was in front of me with a magic barrier around us. "You called" I looked to him and he held a smile as he had said that. I wanted to cry right there "Morpheus, you came" tears started falling from my eyes as I hugged. His eyes went wide, as he hugged me back "you remember me" he leaned down and kissed my forehead. "thank you" his words were distant, as almost right after I woke up back in my bed.