The zombie apocalypse and theatre

Date: 3/5/2017

By Smidge_Midge

I'm in the school drama club and our last production was Annie. I'm pretty sure it was a show night and we were getting ready when all of a sudden on the news or something there was a food shortage? So we stop the production and get as much food into the auditorium as possible. We also wouldn't let people in or out of the auditorium unless they were getting and brining food. We continued to watch and listen to the news via social media and the apocalypse started in our state (colorado) I grab my phone and my phone is blown up by my boyfriend in Ohio. He isn't really that upset and it's like he's normal. On the other hand I'm freaking out and thinking that this is the end of the world and I will never see him again.. It's weird tho. We treated it as if it were a zombie apocalypse, but there were no zombies.