trucker mystery

Date: 6/7/2017

By lochnessie93

i had a dream that i had to find something really important. it was the end of the world or something and everyone was losing their shit. i had to look through this big library for a map. still couldnt find it. then i ended up with a bunch of truckers. one of them was nice. trying to help me find whatever to save the world. the others were out to get me because they wanted whatever i found so they could sell it for a huge profit. we were shifting through and exploring the semis when people started freaking out and leaving. apparently something big was happening. so i hid in a semi. the one that the gang leader drove. he drove off and my new friend and i eventually popped out of hiding and tried to take over the semi. we crashed in a suburban neighborhood. but we were alright. i walked away a bit roughed up and i picked up a kids bicycle up and got on it to ride away and save the world.