Old Nightmare 2: Sunflower Seed Lady

Date: 9/7/2019

By misty-alone

So it's me, my middle sister (m), and my youngst sister (y). We are on my bed except it was impossibly long. And down at the end is what I supposed to be my dresser with a mirror but its mutated into like a globe like thing and standing in front of it is a lady hanched over with long black hair. For someone reason I'm saying hail marys (Warning for some reason this dream is really focused on religon). I'm not very religious I mean I'm raised catholic but more agnostic than anything of guess? So m is giggling next to me, like a maniac, and y is silent. We begin to crawl forward. But she just radiates pure fear. So strong it pushes us back torwards the headboard which must have been the exit of the dream. We finally make it to her. I make a cross with my fingers and press into her skin and she started running fast sideways so fast I was stuck piggyback riding on her. I remember her skin feeling wet and damp and like real skin human, fleshy. And her chaotic dash with me on her was blurring my vision and then it got calm and showed her showing y inside the mutated dresser. There was like a valley inside the globe it was beautiful. Her with her hand on my sisters shoulder it was a really beautiful scene. But she kept talking about sunflower seeds which y just kinda nodded. Then we were back on the bed and crawling... again. This time she was stronger. When we got there I jumped on her and grabbed her breast and hit her back (yes like the actions that happened to me in nightmare 1 more in notes). This caused her to stop flailing and look at me screaming "what god are you?". I told her I wasnt a god. She slithered away under a chair or sofa. I tried to grab her and stop her but she said she coudlnt stay. She kept asking about gods? I made a cross with my hand and said this is my god (not exactly correct the cross itself isnt the god dream me lol). She looked at me and told her religon was forgotten. She kept slipping down I tried to stop her again and she told me she couldnt stay there wasnt enough sun flower seeds to cover her. And then I woke up.