Creeps in the playground

Date: 6/15/2019

By Purpeldreams

I forgot where this dream starts off with the Madagascar cast of animals and Ig instead of crash landing in Africa this time they go to Australia and then almost like a movie zooms out and we see Australia and Africa right next to each other which is sooo damn wrong you know damn well those bitches far apart smh my brain is stupid. But from what I can remember next is I’m a penguin but I’m not myself,like im in a different body and im aware of my life I’m just stuck in penguin body and im trynna get back in my human body and then there’s this polar bear and his teaching how to get home and get back to my body (like Madagascar when the animals are trynna get back to New York!/ lele pons baby video I watched this week) we then walk into what seems like a grocery store and then Ig a argument breaks out and the polar bear starts attacking me and I run around the store and toward the back to escape and then as I keep running to the back of the store I see different displays pop up of clothes and other stuff it was almost like the setting of a grocery store changed into a freakin Macy’s !!! And then I went through a exit door and I ran out and end up with this shady street. I keep waking n find a phone I try to call my phone to see if whoever has my body will anwsee. Then after I see I can’t type in the number I walked away and I see a playground in the dark and I go towards it and climb on it and I realize ... ITS ONE OF BRIERS PLAYGROUNDS... I’m no longer a penguin 🐧 I’m now a human ...myself. After wards I see a pair of people waking towards me.... it’s a man covering a girl with a towel, at first I yell at them to stay away from me, but then the guys yell out at me “can you please shut up your scaring my kid” and he’s drying off what seems to be a little girl! And I was like “ohh I’m soo sorry sorry for making noise” and then another pairs of people show up but they seem to be my age and the “little girl” turns into a whole ass woman!!! Like wtf at that point I’m scared. And then they get closer and the sit near me and start talking about nudes and weird shit like that...and by that point I’m like no that’s fucking it (cause Ig somewhere in the dream I saw missing child posters and I’m like fuckkk no Im not bout to be next) Im out and I start walking away as the other kids my age are like aye come back don’t leave and I leave anyway I reach for my phone and dial 911. And then the operator picks up and I stay calm and quite so the group of adults don’t notice me calling of course. And then I tell the operator “there’s a group of people in a park asking kids for nudes and stuff I’m scared they might behind the some other kids disappearing please come Im at brier elementary in the front playground” (Ig it was the kindergarten playground we were in) and then I hang up.Not long after a car pulls up and the police siren rings and then everyone tries to dip but the officer pulls out his gun and tells them to stop. All of a sudden a butch of other people come out and the steering changes from brier to a building. (To be continued in the next part of the dream)