College girlfriend(s)

Date: 8/24/2019

By Lycoris

I dreamt I was in college, kind of. I wasn't actually taking classes I was more like bumming it with friends in their dorm. I was deciding to take classes, but i was really unsure of myself and lost. Anyway, some girls I was friends with in highschool came around to see me and one girl i was friends with in particular, was looking really cute. I was being really flirty with her and she seemed to be into it. Then she gives me a tour of her college which is next door to the one i was at. While we're looking around i catch a faint glimpse of the girl I loved in highschool, but I don't pay her any mind. I don't see her the rest of the day. The girl on my arm says i can sit in and observe her classes to help me feel out if i want to go to school and go to the same one she does. I agree. She has a french class and the teacher is fineeeee. Its a small class and she can tell I'm new, but she proceeds with the class. She's talking to the class in French and catches glances at me. She could seduce me with her eyes alone, they were stunning. I didn't know french, but she could've been reading the McDonald's menu and I could listen to her speak all day. I would've went up to her after class, but my dream ended during that french class.