School, pills and masturbation

Date: 7/30/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I was going to school and there were some of the old classmates and new people. One of them was a emo girl, that wore a lot of black makeup and, after the first three hours there was a greek class. The classroom looked quite different from mine because it didn't have windows and was quite dark and a little bit bigger. When the teacher came in he said he would oral test some people and I panicked, and tried to understand if I was in danger of being called and apparently, yes I was. But there were some volunteers, Carolina and the emo girl. I didn't make it in time to listen to the lesson because the scene switched to a room with a bed where some people were having a party and jumping onto the bed and smoking and generally getting wasted. The scene came back in flashes as if it was a memory. I remember the people were dressed with casual white clothes and the party seemed pretty homemade. Then I went in that room with the goth girl and we started talking and she told me that those people kill themselves in that kind of party because they don't want to die smoking(?). Then she started caressing me but like, with her fingertips, no sex no anything. I have made a challenge and promised I wouldn't masturbate so... A fat girl that was part of my class entered the room and the furniture and the roof fell upon us, I felt like I knew(it came back in flashes) so I was able to hold them and started calling for help. Then I remember I asked my mother if she thought it was the best for me to wash my hair that day and she said yes so I headed to the bathroom and had a bath and I started masturbating in a very strange way, I was like, pressing some thingy like those of the liquid soap and that was really arousing me, i started seeing a white, thick fluid gushing from my vagina. But at some point i noticed a small cyst, or at least I thought it was so, made out of hair so I panicked and told my mother and started untangling them and then they were just long hair and I just cut 'em.