virgen mary in stone

Date: 8/2/2017

By judyp17

so i have this real fear of anything that looks realistic dont matter what type of material it is made of i am frightened of it. so i was in elementary. and was going to the restroom, but it felt really wierd going in and i looked up to see all the apostles made out of stone all around the bathroom above the bathroom almost touching the ceiling. and in the middle of the bathroom i see the virgen mary with jesus in her arms ( like the pose where the people took jesus off the cross and mary devistated to what had happen) i slowly went around her and into a restroom. when i came out i slowly went around her again and slowly washed my hands. when i was drying my hands i saw in the corner of my eye that the virgin mary had moved ! i quickly got startled and turned around quickly! i didnt not speak o scream but my heart was racing.. i then saw her move her arms and her eyes blink all her face and body was stone but she looked so beautiful she then stretched out her hand to me ..pretty much saying chils dont be afraid. i looked at her hand and hesitated. n then a thought crossed my head "why am i afriad of her if she is my mother?" i slowly looked at her and her smile stretched bigger☺. i slowly reached out n placed my hand on hers it was stranged to know but i felt a pulse through all that stone. i felt peace and comfort. in myself knowing i conquered my fear. i felt like she was testing me. n i made her happy by touching her